Garden Blogger Fall Color Project: New Autumn

This Garden Blogger fall Color Project Post is all about New Autumn, that is Autumn in New England and New York!

If you travel to upstate New York to visit Kerri’s Garden at Colors of the Garden (a very appropriate name, don’t you think?) you will get a grand tour of the New York Countryside in October. Peak colors of red, orange, and gold bathe the farmsteads and rolling pastureland with the glory of fall. From the woods to the farms there are plenty of sights to see!

New York isn’t the only new place to visit, how about New England?  JJ’s recent vacation to New England couldn’t have come at a a better time.  The leaves were peaking through Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and of course New York! Picturesque river gorges and mountains of fall color await you at JJ’s blog, We’re Going to Need a Bigger Pot.  As JJ asks “Got Autumn?”

3 Replies to “Garden Blogger Fall Color Project: New Autumn”

  1. Yeah, I found reds and oranges!!! I am happy now…

  2. Thanks Dave for the nice write up and link…and for fixing the comments 🙂
    It’s been fun seeing fall colors all over the country. Great idea!

  3. Beautiful Autumn color collections. Beautiful pictures stunning. I have heard how beautiful it is in that part of the world in the fall. Hope some day to see it for myself.
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