Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 2008 Review

Since I have very little to show for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day in December I’ll display a review of each Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day post over 2008 that I’ve done. Inside this post you will see one or two pictures from each post that in my view are the best of the blooms. Unfortunately I missed a few months like February, July, and November but all the others are accounted for with plenty of photos! The highlight of the Bloom Day Pictures for me was the Monarch Butterfly I photographed in October. Click on the Month to go to the original post for more pictures of my garden! Be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens for more Bloom day posts.


Nandina Berries


Bradford Pear Buds




Redbuds and Dogwoods


‘Caradonna’ Salvia

‘May Night’ Salvia with an Achillea backdrop

Asiatic Lilies



Verbena x hybrida


‘Oranges and Lemons’ Gaillardia
‘Longwood Blue’ Caryopteris

October 2008

Monarch Butterfly on Asclepias

Pink Cosmos

15 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 2008 Review

  1. Frances

    Hi Dave, what a good idea! I love the monarch shot too, it has it all! I was loving the salvias, but then the lilies are the most spectacular, those large waxy flowers are scene stealers! I need more lilies!

  2. Gail


    This is a perfect post! What a good idea for those of us with little to show in December! Do you hear a new meme emerging!

    The flowers you’ve shown are lovely but I have an especial fondness for the henbit post! An underappreciated ‘wildflower’!


  3. The Garden Faerie

    Love your year of blooms! And you know how you go your whole life not hearing a certain word and then you hear it twice or more in close succession? That’s the case for me and nandina, which is just one hardiness zone away from ideal for me. Pout! It looks wonderful.
    ~ Monica

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