A Few Seed Picks Over the Weekend

Over this weekend our travels found us at one of the local big box stores looking for shelving hardware for our downstairs closet (another project but not one that will make it to the garden blog).  While there I went through the seed kiosks looking for the plants that made my master list for seed purchases.  Now you’re probably wondering what I picked.  Here’s the list for my first seed purchase of the season:


  • Super Sugar Snap Pea
  • Pic-N-Pic Hybrid Summer squash
  • Burpee’s Fordhook Zucchini
  • Yellow Pear Tomatoes
  • Sierra Gold Cantaloupe


  • Papaya Cream Nasturtium – Self Sowing Garden.
  • Giant White Moonflower – Front Porch Garden/Arbor near self-sowing garden (not built yet).
  • Kaleidoscope Mix Larkspur – Self Sowing Garden.
  • Salvia Blue Bedder, Mealy Cup Sage (Salvia farinacea) – Anywhere I can! You can never enough salvia!
  • Celosia – Near the mailbox garden and maybe in the self sowing garden.

There are still more seeds to purchase but I’ve gotten a little jump on things. Many of the flowers will go into the self sowing garden (as I’ve indicated above) and the vegetables will go into the newly redesigned vegetable garden. We searched for more Brandywine tomatoes but couldn’t find them.  The store clerk said that they probably would have some as plants later but I almost always start everything from seed, especially tomatoes.  The only time I’ve ever bought tomatoes as plants was from a high school agriculture department sale. I was late one year with my pot garden and really needed tomatoes. I just enjoy the satisfaction of growing everything from seed. icon

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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Hi Dave, good choices. Tomatoes are so easy from seed, but I sometimes buy plants from a local nursery that grows their own from seed, and everything else they have they propagate themselves. I agree about the salvias, have started three kinds today! All salvias are good here.

  3. I have some Blue bedder salvia already up inside, I don’t know what type of Celosia you bought, the one I have is very invasive. Comes up all in the grass. Looking forward to watching what you do with all of these seeds. Exciting isn’t it?

  4. I will eagerly watch what happens with your tomatoes and with salvia (I love how easily they self sow). I also found some favorite seeds at a BBS! I am ready for other plants~~ I did purchase several bare root plants that i hope survive and thrive. P paniculata Laura and an agapanthus. gail

  5. Good choices Dave. I need to try & get my hands on a couple Brandywines. They seem to be a favorite of quite a few gardeners.

  6. Tina,

    Thanks, I didn’t go anywhere but the store, but thanks!


    I like places that keep it local. I can always use more salvia!


    This time of year when you plan is very exciting except for the fact that you have to wait a little while longer to do anything! I’ve seen celosia come up in strange places but I’m prepared to mow it down should the need arise! It’s better than the ragweed…


    I saw the bare root stock there at the store. I was a little tentative about them until I purchased an Oak Leaf Hydrangea that way. It have very few roots in the spring but is about 2 feet high now. Great plant!

    They taste great but tend to ripen late. Since your growing season is long they would be fine. Brandywines are some of the best I’ve eaten for flavor. The hornworms like them too.

  7. Dave, I forgot to say how much I love your new avatar. Your family is beautiful…gail

  8. I think the shelf project should be featured on the blog because that is where your seeds are going when it is finished. At least the ones still on the kitchen counter. 🙂

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