This Week in the Garden

I did several little things in the garden this week that weren’t worthy of individual posts but when grouped together give me a little something to talk about. 

  • Planted seeds for rudbeckia ‘Cappuccino’, gaillardia ‘Arizona Sun’, Verbena bonariensis, mixed heucheras, Panicum virgatum.
  • Constructed a suspended staking system out of fallen poplar branches for our sugar snap peas.  I’ll go into greater detail later but here’s a quick summary.  I took two large fallen branches from our tulip poplar tree, stripped them of bark, sized them appropriately and screwed them together with deck screws.  Once the peas start coming up I’ll tie twine on the cross beam and run the peas up the twine.  
  • Transplanted two cilantro sprouts and two basil sprouts from peat pellets into a pot for the kitchen.
  • Made a few more willow cuttings.
  • Schemed and plotted.
  • Transplanted my red twig dogwood rabbit-cuttings into small individual pots.  The roots were smaller than I hoped but present.  Who knew that rabbits could propagate plants?
  • Cleaned up a few more weeds from the gardens.
  • Planted a Yoshino Cherry tree!  Yes, another one!  I put this one near the rain garden. I’m looking forward to seeing the white blossoms explode on both trees this season.  
  • Cleaned up some brush and put it in a dump pile for future composting.
  • Ordered vegetable seeds.
  • Ordered flower and ornamental seeds.
  • Plotted and schemed.
  • Dreamed of getting out in the garden on the warmer days ahead.

11 thoughts on “This Week in the Garden

  1. Frances

    Hi Dave, I especially loved *schemed and plotted* on your list! HA Can you keep your brush pile somewhere out of sight for the birds? They dearly love that sort of thing, it really increases their numbers in your garden. I am not understanding your pea trellis. Are the two larger branches upright in the ground with another across the top? When is our weather going to warm up? 24 when I got up. Now 28, ground frozen, no outdoor stuff today unless it warms up and thaws fast. Boo.

  2. Dave


    I’m glad you enjoyed my little joke! Lately ideas have been popping into my head as spring is gradually approaching. We’ll see if any of them work! On the trellis I think you’ve got the right idea. I’ll do a post on it later but just imagine two posts with a beam connecting them over head. It’s all natural curvy wood and looks kind of rustic.


    For flowering trees they are the best!


    Today will probably be an inside work day. The sun is out right now but it will probably be cold, cold, cold. Time to go make some coffee!

  3. Randy Emmitt

    Sounds like you have been busy, too cold here to do much in the garden the past week. Verbena bonariensis is one of my favorite butterfly attractors, here it blooms from April until late Oct and nearly all 76 species of butterflies seen in my garden have been on it at one point or another.

  4. Chandramouli S

    Ah Dave! I’ve never seen anyone so methodic! That’s something I need to learn from you. I’ll be waiting for the gaillardia blooms in future. My gaillardia seedlings popped out only weeks ago. This is my first time growing them. How long does it take for them to start flowering?

  5. GardenJoy4Me

    Dave ! my man !! I love the schemed and plotted .. then plotted and schemed .. good logical order, shoe horned in amongst the some what more mundain garden chores ? My Dave would have loved being in on the plotting bit .. he is sick and tired of snow and his mushroom is cracking more because of it.
    Good job Dave !!!

  6. Kylee

    Schemed and plotted…I’ll bet you’re always doing that! So am I. But you’re warm enough down there to actually act on your scheming and plotting right now. This gives me hope that spring is on the way to us up north though.
    You’ve been a busy man!

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