The Stowaway Plants

Several months ago now my youngest daughter and I journeyed up to Clay and Limestone to visit Gail. While there Gail gifted us with a bounty of planting presents like a group of junipers, her famously practically perfect pink phlox, several St. John’s Worts, golden ragworts, and a couple other plants that have now found a place in our garden. But what she didn’t know was that two other plants tagged along. They hid among the soil of the transport containers that bussed the gifts to our garden where they emerged quietly. Soon they became noticeable and emerged from their hiding spots.

Here is the redbud that is next to our back porch hanging out with the irises and the practically perfect pink phlox which was its traveling companion!

In the front garden between the arbor and out front porch this little redbud grew out of a golden ragwort from Gail’s Garden. A creeping ornamental sweet potato is stealthily moving toward them both.

Redbuds are great trees and I’m always happy to have a few more! Most likely these redbuds grew from seeds hidden in the soil and sprouted in the spring. This fall I’ll dig them up to transplant them to better locations. They are just too close to the house for planting but I do have plenty of room for a couple more spring flowering trees. Redbuds are spectacular in bloom!
Thanks Gail!

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  1. Redbuds are great trees in the spring. My Grandma had one that was very old until this past June when a storm split it down the middle the day before I visited her.


  2. Very nice! I love those redbuds too and what a great surprise.

  3. How nice you got to visit with Gail. What great plants she shared. Love stowaways!

  4. Hi Dave, that is a wonderful surprise gift mixed in with the others. If you ever get over to the Fairegarden, we can give you more tree seedlings of all sorts than you can even imagine. Along with some other good stuff. 🙂

  5. That is very awesome indeed. Gail and your are some of the best gardeners around. You know a good thing to give and receive.

    Dave my Mimosa died—so you can do the happy dance now..heheheehe. I knew you'd be glad. So darn–I paid $10 for a dead tree. My neighbor's won't let me live that down.

    I updated your link–so sorry for the delay.

  6. You're welcome Dave! There is always more where those came from…gail

  7. What a great bonus plant! 🙂

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