Drive-By Shootings – With Ice

Drive-By Shootings – With Ice

The other day when I went to pick up my bricks for the greenhouse flooring the temperatures were still at or around freezing. I had my camera along for the ride and took a couple shots of the ice structures that were along Highway 840 here in Middle TN. I’ve always found the ice sculptures that appear alongside the cliff faces to be very fascinating. Maybe it’s the fact that water can find so many ways to move through solid rock that makes it so awesome. There aren’t many more powerful natural forces out there.

Taking pictures at 70 MPH doesn’t exactly make for a great shot.
My advice – don’t move for better pictures. 

This drive by picture was taken in our neighborhood next to the community lake. I’ve never seen the lake frozen until this year but 9-10 days of freezing temperatures will do that. Relief is on it’s way though. Temperatures are coming at the end of the week that should be closer to the normal 45-50 degree January temperatures. It looks like I might get a day in the greenhouse very soon!

Here comes a heat wave!


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. Similar landscape over here Dave.

    I thought our snowfall at the weekend looked just picture postcard perfect. That's until I couldn't get the car up the drive.

    I rapidly went off it!

    Nature always find its' own correction though. Most of the southern meditteranean is exceptionally warm as I believe parts of Canada are. Worth note in the climate change debate.

  2. You better be careful Dave! This is incredible's to warmer temps!

  3. Now you weren't driving while taking pictures at the same time, were you Dave? And they say texting and driving is dangerous! I hope those weatherman are getting it right this time. They keep pushing back the dates on those higher temps, and the rain. We actually need some rain, and some thawing! I can't get the metal deer out of the flowerbed since the hooks are frozen solid in the ground. It is still Christmas here. HA

  4. Rob,

    It does make for a beautiful landscape…until it become inconvenient! Fortunately most of the main roads here have been fine after treatments of salt and beet juice. The side roads are good here now too. I'm not entering the global warming debate one way or another but I will say that more research is not a bad idea.


    I won't be out on that ice for sure!


    I was safely in the passenger seat while my dad drove. Rain may be on its way for Saturday evening. I'm hoping it holds off till late. If I can get some greenhouse work done tomorrow then some on Saturday I'll be ecstatic!

  5. Your photos of the water/ice through the rocks were impressive. 🙂 We're supposed to be warming all week, also. Today it's to be 37 degrees and sunny. I still want to make a snowman… but he won't last long if the forecast proves to be true… 47 degrees and rain over the weekend?

    Have fun in the greenhouse! I was dreaming about bricks this morning… perhaps I could find a few for a project around here!

  6. Mmm…a heat wave would be nice! Your icy shots are wonderful.

  7. Glad warmer temperatures are on their way. It's frigid here today, but we are used to that, and there's no wind, so that's worth quite a bit.

  8. Dave, Don't you love the icefalls on the limestone! Although, I sure look forward to a thaw…enough of this cold weather~~gail

  9. Dave,
    It looks just like along the highway in WV when we drive through the mountains

  10. I've also seen the ice hanging on the sides of the road like that. 35º here as I type.
    Salt & BEET JUICE?
    Glad you will be able to get more done to the greenhouse soon.

  11. I love the pictures! They make me miss the mountains after living in the coastal part of VA for so long.

    The weatherman is predicting a high temp. of 56 here Friday. If he's right, I just might have to get the shorts and t-shirts back out. We'll see – I'm not holding my breath.

    Also, I'm with Lola – beet juice? I have never heard using that for ice removal. Maybe making a V-8 type drink, but not for ice. That's interesting.

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