A View From The Greenhouse

A View From The Greenhouse

I’m still actively working on my big garden project – the greenhouse – but I stopped for a minute the other day and took a picture from the greenhouse toward our house. It’s the middle of January and the landscape is still asleep – dormant – waiting for warmer weather to come along. It won’t be too long now before signs of life begin to emerge. In fact many daffodils have begun rising above the soil of their garden beds. They haven’t enjoyed the frosty weather but they’ll be fine – they always are.

View From The Greenhouse of the Lawn in Winter 1-2010-1

What garden projects are you anticipating working on this year?


Dave has written GrowingTheHomeGarden.com since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 4 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. If it counts, I'd like to finish the Back Corner Garden that I started last yr. I suppose I do need to rethink as the new neighbor has cut a few trees down so that garden will have more sun.

  2. You're going to have to have an open house and invite us to come and visit when you finish the greenhouse! I can
    t wait to see it!


  3. You'll enjoy that window view when the greenhouse is complete.

    My garden project this year? Yankin out about five ugly meatball shrubs! I'm so lookin forward to it!

  4. I looove when the daffodils start coming up. I cannot wait for spring!

  5. Won't you enjoy the jaunt every day to your greenhouse – when it's all finished and in use??? 🙂 Happy building… and I agree with Gail. This looks like a party waiting to happen! 🙂

  6. Lola,

    Of course that counts! Re-imagining an area because of changed lighting is a good reason for a project.


    That's an interesting idea…Tn Garden Blogger Convention/Tour?


    Make sure you have plenty of sauce a Parmesan cheese for those meatballs!


    It won't be long now, soon very soon. January is half over!


    You bet I'll enjoy it! There's still work to do but it's getting closer to finished everyday.

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