A Few Flower Photos

The signs of spring are showing themselves all over the garden. It’s not just in the flowers the bees and bugs are all coming out of their winter nesting places to sip on nectar and gain strength for another growing season. Here are a few pictures of the flowers I’ve seen over the week.

The daffodils are coming up everywhere. Here are a few in the birdbath garden.

Strangely the daffodils beat out the crocuses for the title of The First Bloomer*.

The hyacinths are sending their frangrance on the wind all over the garden.

The creeping phlox is coming along and soon they will all be covering the ground with color.

While not officially a flower yet these redbud buds from a ‘Forest Pansy’ redbud I planted last year as part of the arbor project are beginning to emerge!

What has been your favorite sign of spring so far?

*The title of the First Bloomer only applies to planted flowers – weeds are not eligible. My apologies to the dandelions.

4 thoughts on “A Few Flower Photos

  1. garden girl

    Hi Dave, my favorite sign of spring is. . . all of them! We have hellebores and witch hazel blooming. I love getting close to the ground looking for tender green shoots, peeling back the fallen brown leaves and discovering that a seedling planted last fall survived the winter, male robins having kerfuffles on the lawn over who gets the girl, the return of the sun and milder temperatures, swelling buds on the trees and shrubs. . . I love it all!

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