Progress Inside the Greenhouse Garden Shed

While earlier in the week brought progress to the outside of the greenhouse garden shed this weekend brought some progress to the inside. I had already insulated parts of the shed where there is no glass but I needed to cover the insulation. Fortunately there is plenty of scrap plywood laying around the shed from doing the outside sheathing plus some old sheets of plywood I’ve collected over time. I love being able to use bits and pieces of previous projects in new ways. It makes things cheaper and eliminates waste! I cut the pieces to size and screwed them in using 1 5/8″ coated screws. I prefer screws over nails, mainly because if I ever need to get into those areas it will be very simple.

Here’s a picture of the front from the inside.

And here is a picture of the back from the inside. Underneath the windows will be a small set of old cabinets. A little sanding and painting and they’ll be perfect for the space.  When I get the chance I’ll paint the inside white to increase the lighting slightly. Don’t look for that post anytime soon!

Here is the beginning of a plant bench. I’ll be adding a second shelf underneath that will be even with the windows. Below that I can keep pots and flats for seed starting or cuttings. For now that’s where the trash is! I’m not sure if you can see it but on top of the bench is a little device. It’s a radio thermometer that sends a signal to my house to let me know what the temperatures are like inside. The greenhouse is still very gappy but stays consistently 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperatures. The real test will be next winter!

I feel like I’m finally making some good progress. The recent spring warm-up is very welcome in my garden, how about yours?