Garden Chores – The Sequel

Garden Chores – The Sequel

In my last post I mentioned 5 garden chores I have on my to-do list. If it were only five items I would have it easy! As usual there is an endless supply of garden chores to do this time of year and here are a few more.

  1. Deal with the leaves – Most of the leaves are still hanging on the trees awaiting the final color changes of fall or the storm that will end it all. Once they fall I like to mow them over with my push mower and either mulch areas of the garden with the shredded leaves or put them in the old compost bin. Check out Kylee’s recent post for more good info on taking care of the leaves.
  2. Paint the garden shed…again – The first coat of paint is on and we’ve adjusted to the color transformation. Initially I had some doubts about the color but I think I like it now. Because I had those initial doubts I didn’t place a second coat of paint on it just in case I wanted to change it. I still have some prep work to do around the windows and doors before I can paint them.
  3. Finish the shed plant bench – The bench is partially complete – enough for one 8’x30″ shelf and the underside to hold plants. The 4’x32″ shelf needs finished.
  4. Insulate the shed – I have some more leftover insulation that needs to go into the eaves. I’ll cut it into 15″x10″ pieces and stuff it in the small spaces to better insulate along the inside of the fascia board. The rest of the ceiling will have to wait until next year. I’ve thought about using the foil backed foam insulation for its reflective qualities. More light is always a good thing in a garden shed!
  5. Plant daffodils! Who wouldn’t want more deer proof, squirrel proof (well mostly), and vole (yes vole not mole, but maybe that too) proof bulbs? Daffodils are perfect to plant in and around other bulb plants that deer do like to add a little protection if deer are an issue.
  6. Save seeds! One of the easiest ways to save money on next gardening season!
  7. Miscellaneous other projects – just to keep you coming back I have several more things I want to get done over the next few months. Some little, some a little more than little – you’ll see!
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  1. Busy busy busy! You'll get it all done. I hope you got some of the rain. It was raining in Nashville this evening. None here though:(

  2. We dealt with fallen leaves today. We raked for hours and buried the leaves in the raised beds. I also have to plant our daffodils too. I think I'll wait until next week to tackle that.

  3. My garden chores are really stacking up around here. After the wedding, hopefully that will be my focus. Oh I see your Sheffies are opening, just lovely!

  4. It's always something to do in the garden. My chores are being done in a slow motion mode. But I may not get them all done. Always tomorrow tho.
    Love the Sheffie. Must get some soon as I can.

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