We’re Not at Peak Yet, But We’re Close

We’re Not at Peak Yet, But We’re Close

I always wonder exactly when the colors are going to peak. It always seems though that you never quite have it figured out until you’re actually past peak.  With that in mind are our fall color peaking?  Are the color changing maples, oaks, and sassafras at the height of their autumn radiance?  Hopefully not but we’ll see.

Looking out over the lawn toward the garden shed and the back tree line you can see the color state of the yard. The colorful autumn display hasn’t quite arrived.  Our spring and early summer was wet but the last half of the summer was dry. I wonder if the wet growing conditions encouraged lots of growth which the trees couldn’t maintain when the dry times came which may have resulted in a poorer display of color.

You can see the effect on this ‘Red Sunset’ maple.  It should be red but is instead an orange with mottled brown spots on it.

This maple is located in a more consitently moist area with a little more shade.  It’s simply a red maple or Acer rubrum. I say simply but red maples are some of the most gorgeous trees for fall color around. It has done an amazing job in this location and even serves as a trellis for the passion vine. That was definitely not planned but the wildlife has enjoyed it.

 Here’s a closer look at the deep red on some of the leaves.  It isn’t in peak form yet, but maybe soon.

This young oak was completely hidden by a large hackberry tree.  We cut the hackberry tree down before building the shed and the oak has gotten the chance to grow.  Unfortunately the hackberry has sprouted new growth from the trunk and will need cut back again.

How are the colors shaping up in your area?

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  1. I can never tell if the rain is good or bad. We had only 1" of rain between May and September… and the color is wonderful- almost at peak I'd guess. I should take some photos this weekend.

  2. No color here, unfortunately! Well, there might be some in the mountains but I'm not sure when to make a trip up to check it out. Like you say, it's hard to figure out when PEAK is anywhere! Great pictures though!

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