Peak Fall Color in Spring Hill, TN

Peak Fall Color in Spring Hill, TN

This week we had our peak fall color.  Not to be confused with a peek at fall color which we will do also!.  Our fall color is loaded with maples, sassafras, and a few other trees along the way. We’re gifted to have our property situated on one side of a woods that gives us a great fall color view. I’ll start by highlighting the plants near the house.  There will probably be a second post on the fall color since not everything has turned yet.

This birch is planted little too close to the house. Remember right plant right place? Yeah, right… I considered moving it but it’s probably too large for that now. I’ll let it be then cut it down when it becomes and issue.  We’ve enjoyed the privacy it’s created by our deck and would hate to lose that!

‘Shasta’ viburnum is one of my favorite shrubs.  It’s a doublefile viburnum which produces two rows of flowers along its branches.  Although ‘Shasta’ is supposed to produce red berries mine has never done so, it probably doesn’t have the right pollinator nearby.

From our birdbath garden without a birdbath.One of these days I need to solder the copper birdbath back together.

The red maples have no equal for fall color this year!

We’re close to the blue garden shed in this picture. That’s it hiding behind the red maple.

Here’s another look.  The crape myrtles here have been slower to turn color than in other locations.

Lots of cleanup needs done in these gardens. Just look at the trees please!

Many of the perennials here have already succumbed to the frosts. We’ve had several already.

This tree is behind our property in the woods. Mother nature does a good job doesn’t she?

I found this scene very representative of my garden. A rustic pallet made compost bin with golden colored maples all around and two random nursery pots laying beside an old cow fence. A true scene of gardener’s gold?

We’ll end this post today with a closeup of those golden colored maple leaves. Fall color really turned out great even though I was afraid it wouldn’t.  Don’t forget to check out the other fall color posts at the Fall Color Project!


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. Awesome display of color, I wish we had such a display here in Australia.

  2. The trees in the woods are beautiful. I wish I had room for that Doublefile Viburnum, it is a gorgeous plant.


  3. Now it is your turn for the Fall colors. Here we have come almost to the very end. There are a few out in the garden this morning. Took some more photos for my records of the season. The many colors are nice to see. I recently posted on my blog a number of pictures of the area here and they capture this are near Lake Michigan, but remind us all, Winter is not far behind! Jack

  4. Thank you for the great pics, looking at them you can almost feel the crisp fall air that we are so lacking of in Florida. We also get very little of the beautiful color changes.

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