Growing Peppers in the Home Garden

Peppers aren't as massively planted as the tomato plant in the vegetable garden but those who do plant peppers have a passion that rivals any other fruit or vegetable from the garden.  Some gardeners love the heat and grow the spiciest peppers they can find, while others love the flavor of a sweet red…

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A Garden Update: The Tomatoes

We have tomato weather but no tomatoes! That's not surprising for June here in TN as most tomatoes don't produce ripe fruit until July.  Knowing that fact though doesn't diminish the desire for that first fresh from the garden homegrown tomato! Our plants are doing very well so far, healthy and strong with stout…

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5 Common Garden Insect Pests

Every garden experiences pest issues form time to time.  Insect pest can be frustrating and sometimes when you discover what is damaging your plants it's already too late to do anything about it.  Here are five common insect pests that you may see in your garden for today's Friday Five post!   Pest #1:…

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Mid-June Garden To Do List

Here is a quick list of things that need done in our June garden.  Keep in mind that we're located in Spring Hill, TN in a zone 6b-7 area and these chores may not correspond with the growing season in your area.  You'll need to do many of these tasks too but at different…

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Planting a Tomato Garden

For my farmer's market business I grew a lot of tomato plants.  In fact I grew more than I think I can sell over the next couple weeks and after that no one will be looking for plants.  Gardeners will be wanting to harvest their tomatoes instead of planting more.  I planned a few…

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4 Tomato Growing Tips!

The tomatoes are coming along nicely in our garden which means it's time to do a few important things for them to maximize their growth.  Here are a few quick tomato tips to help you grow your favorite backyard vegetable! (It's really a fruit though!) Stake your tomato well.  Whatever method you use to…

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