A Few Gardening Tips Before Fall Arrives

You can feel it in the air can't you? The coolness of an approaching autumn. The each passing day is getting noticeably shorter. We're beginning that transitional period from the hot summer growing season to the fall growing season and that can mean a lot of changes in the garden. The vegetable garden may still be going full speed ahead at the moment but it is time to prepare for the arrival of the fall gardening season. Here are some gardening tips for you to use to prepare for fall gardening: Continue harvesting everything you can from your vegetable garden through the fall. Put away canned vegetables or pack them in the freezer so you can savor them this winter when fresh vegetables are not available. You will think very fondly of your garden in January when you are cooking garden beans on the stove! While you are harvesting be…

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Building a Paving Stone Pathway

Several years ago I built a patio using paving stones. I intended to complete the patio by adding a sidewalk that would bring the paved surface area all the way around to the garage and driveway. This weekend I finally made major progress on this neglected project. Making a paving stone patio, sidewalk, or pathway is not an easy task. It's not that building a patio is complicated but rather that the stone can be heavy and the work is repetitious with a good deal of digging, bending, and lifting. Excavating a space for the project can be difficult too depending on the soil type but this project is definitely one a determined gardener and homeowner can accomplish! I purchased my materials at Lowe's in conjunction with Lowe's Creative Ideas. The first step in building a paving stone project is excavating a level area. In this project I had to…

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