Asiatic Lily Propagation with Bulbils

Perhaps one of the easiest methods of plant propagation is through bulbils. Bulbils are simply baby plants produced along aerial stem of a plant. Lilies are well known for producing bubils and you can take advantage of this natural plant ability to create more lilies for your garden. Not all lilies produce bulbils so be observant of your garden to find out if you have any on your lilies. The bulbils in the picture below came from an Asiatic lily. This lily did not bloom this year because a deer ate the top off before it could flower. Instead it exerted its energy into creating bulbils.

Asiatic Lily bulbils

Bulbils form along the stem of the lily and can be harvested when they look like plump little plants with roots sticking out, somewhat resembling ‘Hens and Chicks’ (Sempervirens are completely unrelated to lilies). Each of these bulbils can be planted immediately in the garden. Expect lilies grown from bulbils to take about 2-3 years to grow into a full flowering plant.

Asiatic Lily bulbils

Asiatic lilies may also be propagated via the leaves. In this case you are taking advantage of the lily’s ability to produce bulbils a little earlier in the season.

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