Favorite Home Garden Products

Below is a list of some of my favorite home garden products including books, tools, and supplies.

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Favorite Home Garden Products

Book on Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation by Alan Toogood is a GREAT starter book to learn how to propagate plants. I use it frequently as a reference and learn more from it each time I do. The image above links to Amazon.com.

Seed Starting Trays

When you do a lot of seed starting you need seed starting trays. These no holed seed starting trays are what I use. I will nest the holed seed starting trays inside while I have my seeds on the plant shelf then when I move the trays outdoors I'll remove the bottom tray (no holes). For my seed starting they are essential!

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String Trimmer

The weed eater is my go to weed eater for my 1 acre+ lot! The Troy-Bilt CORE battery really keeps a great charge. I'm a fan of the convenience! See my review of the Troy-Bilt CORE String Trimmer for more details.

Rooting Hormone

For plant propagation it is good to have some rooting hormone on hand. It's inexpensive and helps to speed up rooting. Time is of the essence when rooting plants! Here is a simple rooting hormone powder I use that works well.


Plant Propagation


Almost every gardener dreams of having a greenhouse! My greenhouse is very similar to this one. It does a good job at extending the spring and fall seasons. In the summer it's too hot and there's no need for a greenhouse. In the winter it's more of a challenge to keep it warm and supplementary methods must be used!