Easy to grow, Low Maintenance Plants for the Garden

Over Christmas we traveled a little.  Not much, we never go very far.  We just visited with family.  One evening a family member asked me if I knew of some attractive, easy to grow, low maintenance plants she could put in the front of her house.  She wanted something she could plant that wouldn't require a whole lot of time to maintain since she has a young baby and a busy work schedule.  Low-maintenance plantings shouldn't need much pruning, supplemental watering, and should continue to re-bloom without deadheading if at all possible.  Essentially low maintenance plants should thrive on neglect! The list of plants below includes the three I suggested as well as several others that several gardeners on Facebook suggested! Easy to grow, Low-Maintenance Plant Suggestions for Home Gardeners 'Homestead Purple' Verbena Verbena - annual or perennial verbena forms either a nice mound or a sprawling groundcover.  'Homestead Purple' verbena is…

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5 Fun Foliage Plants! (Friday Fives)

Let's be real, foliage is more important than flowers!  Foliage is there 3 out of the four seasons and unless you have some fantastic re-blooming plant that blooms incessantly from spouting to leaf drop you aren't going to have something interesting all the time - unless you plant with foliage.  Color, leaf texture, leaf shape, and leaf size all make foliage plants focal points in the garden that draw the eye even when there isn't a flower to be seen!  Below is a list of 5 plants that I plant for foliage reasons.  Some have other attributes as well and some are quite common but are well worth planting in your garden. 5 Fun Foliage Plants! 'Powis Castle' Artemisia Alphabetically for this list we'll start off with artemisia!  Its common name would put it at the end of the alphabet: wormwood.  Not a very pleasant name to me so we'll…

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5 Easy to Grow Plants No Garden Should Be Without! (The Friday Fives)

This year I thought I'd try to start something on each Friday.  At the end of each work week I'll make a list of five things from the garden.  They could be anything, everything is fair garden, as long as it can be related to the garden!  To start things off I'm going to mention 5 easy to grow plants that no garden should be without! See if you agree! Zinnias My monarch butterfly friend here will agree with me that zinnias in the garden are essential!  Zinnias are annuals but are very easy to grow.  Most of the time I just sprinkle the seed where I want them to grow, water, then wait.  I've never had pest problems with my zinnias but have experienced the powdery mildew issue.  It's a fungus that attacks the plants in hot and humid conditions (which we are blessed with every summer here in…

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