Portable Planter Box Project

Recently I put together a little project from some wood I had stored in the garage. It was an idea I had to help me with a presentation I'll be giving at a local garden show. Essentially I needed a way to demonstrate how a few plants could be planted in combination with each other. I didn't have access to a projector for the demonstration so I couldn't do a slide show. What I decided to do is to put together a portable planter box that I could stock with a few plants to bring along. It couldn't be big or it would be a problem to move around. Here's what I did to make this 24"x12.25" portable planter box! How to make a Portable Planter Box For materials: 2 6' cedar fence boards short deck screws. soil mix newspaper plants (of course!) Equipment Drill Electric Screw driver (Ryobi impact…

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