5 Garden Things to Do More of in 2014

I don't make many New Year's resolutions.  I make goals instead.  I put together ideas of things I would like to accomplish and set out to do them.  I usually don't get through every goal I set but by setting a few goals that are attainable I accomplish more than I would have otherwise! I'll post my garden goals for 2014 in a future post next week but I thought for today I would list a few ideas that other gardeners may want to add to their gardening goal list. Grow more edibles from the backyard. Imagine what could be done if everyone increased their backyard production to cover at least 10% of their grocery needs?  Fewer trucks would be on the roads, lower grocery bills, and more people would be eating healthier.  Pick one area of your grocery budget that you would like to decrease then find a viable…

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