A Light post, Bird Feeder Station, and Hanging Basket Stand all in One!

I'm sure you've always been wondering "Where can I find a light post that can double as a bird feeder station and has a spot for hanging baskets too?"  You've come to the right place because I'm going to show you my latest project for Lowe's Creative Ideas.  The challenge this month was "Old and New."  Essentially we had to take something we had lying around and reuse it with a few newer materials.  In my case I had several old decorative posts that used to hold up my parents front porch before they had them replaced.  Some of the posts were rotting on the bottom but had decent wood further up the post.  Worth saving and reusing if possible but couldn't be used to hold up a front porch (Unless you're a hobbit and like short front porches). Our family loves to watch the birds around our garden.  More…

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