Tips for Creating an Organic Lawn

Today lots of people are becoming more conscious of how their activities can change the environment.  One of the things you often hear about is getting rid of the lawn.  I'm not one of those people who advocates getting rid of the lawn but rather being more responsible for lawn care.  Here are a…

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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lawn

Frost on the lawn This weekend brought forth a significant event, the first mowing of 2012.  It's a momentous event that means the active growing season is moving ever closer!  I know many of you probably don't enjoy mowing the lawn like I do.  It's probably a little crazy, I'll admit it, but when…

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Rambling on Lawn Grass

When sowing grass seed timing is everything. The right grass planted at the right time works wonders for a lawn, but the reverse can be true as well. Here in Tennessee we live in an a rather ambiguous area for growing grasses. The cool season grasses do great - that is until it gets…

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The Lawnmower Covenant

You may not now this but there is a divine influence on the gardening world.  It is said that: When a gardener properly takes care of his lawn, allowing it to grow high, only cutting a third at a time, and takes care not to poison the earth with unnecessary fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides…

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