The Choice to Garden Organic

I decided several years ago that I didn't want to mess with chemicals in my garden.  It was an easy choice for me.  We had kids and I didn't want to risk their exposure to dangerous substances.  I didn't want to eat food covered in chemicals at the dinner table.  A tomato with a side of pesticide just wasn't a recipe option here.  While my choice was mostly for family reasons there exist a number of other reasons just as important to avoid the chemicals in the garden. Maybe I should be more specific though, rather than just chemicals lets say synthetic chemicals.  Organic materials can be chemicals as well but they come from more natural sources.  Organic chemical derived from natural sources are going to break down better in our environment. One major concern I have with chemicals is the impact on beneficial insects.  These insects do a lot…

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Tips for Creating an Organic Lawn

Today lots of people are becoming more conscious of how their activities can change the environment.  One of the things you often hear about is getting rid of the lawn.  I'm not one of those people who advocates getting rid of the lawn but rather being more responsible for lawn care.  Here are a few ways to do that! First mow efficiently and responsibly.  If you don't use an area for the lawn consider allowing it to become wildflower areas or plant a garden there, or just mow it a little less often.  You don't have to mow every part of your yard every week. When you mow the lawn cut the grass on the high side.  Mowing high has several advantages that start with the roots.  Taller grass grows deeper roots.  Deeper roots are better able to find water beneath the soil which means a better tolerance to drought.…

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5 Easy Ways to Be Organic!

I think in many ways people who garden in the "traditional" or "conventional" methods* don't realize how easy it really can be to garden organically. In fact some of these organic ideas are probably done by everyone who gardens in some capacity. For this Friday's Friday Five let's take a look at 5 easy ways to be organic.  There are many more ways but these five are good to get your started! 5 Easy Ways to Be Organic Feed the soil with compost!  Whether your purchase your compost or make it yourself, compost is one of the best things you can add to your soil.  It boosts the retention of moisture, improves drainage in clay soils, adds nutrients, and puts beneficial microbes into the soil.  Compost won't burn your plants and makes the soil easier for plants to grow a string root system.  You can't go wrong with compost! Ditch…

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