Vegetable Garden Layout for 2012

Every year I tweak the vegetable garden layout a little.  I new get ideas, want to try different arrangements, and theorize about what might work better.  This could mean one of these days I'll strike the right balance of form and function, but until then it just means a whole lot of tinkering, moving, shoveling, mulching, and probably quite a bit of muscle soreness!  Whenever I do change the layout of my raised bed vegetable garden I aim to do four things: Make a better (more functional) arrangement for planting and harvesting vegetables. Plan for good access for equipment like wheelbarrows or tillers. Arrange the beds so that the insides of the raised beds can be reached easily. And try to make the garden so it looks great! Those four things are part of a larger list I put together a while back in this post called Designing a Raised…

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