Randomness Around the Garden

This was one of those weekends where my garden time was fairly limited. I still managed to get outdoors some and accomplish a few little things. The biggest task was putting together the garden cart for my mower. It took almost two hours. That's probably where most of my outdoor time went but when…

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Great Home Gardens: An Italian Garden

A few weeks ago an email came in my box asking me a question about propagating irises. I answered the question then received a picture of the questioning gardener’s garden. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. Climbing roses mixed with many varieties of perennials create a living painting in Ennio’s…

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Through the Trees

I took this picture over the weekend while the afternoon sun was beginning to descend. It was taken from the very back of our yard looking up toward the treetops of sassafras, dogwood, tulip poplar, and walnut. The fall colors are beginning their peak time and I know I'll be loading my camera card…

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In the Clouds

The other evening some clouds were blowing. Here's a look at what we saw. A small storm was on its way through our area which is usually when you get most interesting clouds!Please excuse the power lines. Half the neighborhood has them below ground, our half doesn't.

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Window in the Sky

During a break in the rain on Monday I was able to take these shots. The blue of the sky is just starting to peak through the dark rain clouds. It reminded me of one of my favorite newer U2 songs, Window in the Skies (from U218 The Singles). My oldest daughter's favorite part…

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Thinking of Snow

Since it doesn't appear likely that we'll experience much snow this year in Tennessee I'm importing some pictures of snow to look at. My brother in Flagstaff, Arizona took these pictures of their recent snowfall. They've had several significant snowfalls this year. It would be nice to have just one of them here!They had…

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Signs of Spring

Yesterday in a walk around the yard we discovered some signs of the spring to come. Daffodils are sprouting up all over, the verbena is greening up and some sedum sprouts are peaking from their winter slumber. Maybe it's early, but the temperatures have felt like spring. Historically our worst winter weather tends to…

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