2016 April Garden Gardening Update

If you're a gardener (and if you're reading this you probably are!) spring time excites you like no other season. April is a great month to get in the garden and get some work done but always remember to take a few moments to appreciate what's growing! Here's a quick rundown of a little of what is growing in my April garden in Tennessee. The Yoshino Cherry trees were spectacular this year! We had a storm this week that blew all the petals everywhere and it appeared like someone had a wedding in our backyard. The flowers only last a little while but they were amazing while they painted our yard in color. My red buckeye tree is just beginning blooming. This native plant is a hummingbird magnet and it's coming out just in time for the little birds to enjoy. My hops vine ('Cascade') is coming back nicely. It's…

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