Worst Weed Wednesday

On Wednesday (July 29th, 2009) I’ll be hosting Worst Weed Wednesday and I’d like to invite all my fellow blogging friends to participate! All you have to do is pick out (or pick on) your least favorite garden invader in a post on your blog. It could be any plant you consider to be a weed, after all a weed is any plant in the wrong place. It could be that thistle that’ll never leave, a ragweed you would like to rag on, or just some wayward flowers that can’t be stopped and are invading all your garden beds! Talk about how you deal with them (any tricks or tips), why they are a problem and why you think they are the worst weed ever to sprout on the face of the Earth. You don’t have to pick just one. Pull as many weeds as you wish for Worst Weed Wednesday.

All participants will get a Worst Weed Wednesday summary post (with links!) on this blog similar to what I put together for the Garden Blogger Fall Color Project last fall (which I plan on doing again this year, so keep that in mind for fall).

If you would like to participate in Worst Weed Wednesday there are three simple things I need you to do:

  • Post here that you are going to participate. That way I won’t miss all those weedy posts.
  • Have your post up on Wednesday Morning (July 29th)
  • Provide a link back to The Home Garden (www.growingthehomegarden.com) so that others can read about everyone else’s weeds!

If you would like to mention this in your blogs to encourage others to participate I would appreciate it but that is by no means required. You get to rant all you want about your most despised garden villains and arch enemies to sympathetic ears and eyes! What more could you ask for?

If your weeds attack and you can’t get your post done on time, or if you catch this post too late, I’ll be happy to add you to the Worst Weed Wednesday Post at anytime in the future.

14 Replies to “Worst Weed Wednesday”

  1. Sounds fun! I have the world's worst weeds! gail

  2. Oh… I don't know. I have some terrible weeds… 😉

  3. Can I pretty please use my poison ivy post? That is the WORST weed for sure.

  4. Off to twitter about your blog. I am so happy I stopped by. I might be back for your competition.
    Thanks for sharing your garden thoughts with us on Blogger!

  5. I have several ideas in mind!

  6. I have the perfect one picked out already!


  7. You do come up with the best stuff. I will try my best to remember. I need about ten people to remind me of this–and the fall show. I enjoyed that last year.

    Yea, your site loaded really fast for me. I so much enjoy stopping by.

  8. Hi Dave, this one might be a twofer since the 15th is also bloom day! Can be done!

  9. I completely forgot the 15th was Bloom Day! It may indeed be a two-for. Maybe we'll have a bunch of bloomin' weeds?

  10. Great idea, Dave! My post is done and will be up at Hayefield (http://www.hayefieldhouse.com) early on Wednesday the 29th.

  11. I'll post up some weedy trees over at http://treesandshrubs.about.com

  12. Hi Dave, I didn't check back with you as I should have and posted on the fifteenth with bloom day. But it was so fun! 🙂

  13. Hi Dave! I posted about Fireweed that I have in my garden and also all over the place on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska where I took all the pictures. The thing is – it's not the worst, it might easily be my best weed!

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