Smooshing Pumpkins

We’ve all heard about the infamous teenagers who go around neighborhoods looking for pumpkins to smash. Smashing pumpkins is one of those activities I never did and frankly always found rude and obnoxious, unless of course the smashers purchased their own pumpkins but that’s rarely the case. In fact I find the current state of my own pumpkins to be quite rude too but I can’t blame any misguided teenagers for this. Nope, I blame the borers (insert scary generic sound effect here).
The vine borers have been relentless this year in the garden. The borers made holes the trunks of the vines and tunneled their way into every part of the pumpkin that they thought tasted good. I suppose if I had been more on top of things I could have cut them out of the vines. I also suppose if I were more on top of things these pumpkins would be in the compost bin by now! I’ve just been too busy lately to take care of little chores and these smooshing pumpkins have been left to disintegrated. I’ll move them before Saturday, but maybe they add a little Halloween ambiance?
I had to resort to buying our Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin from the store this year. Last year’s pumpkin came from a pumpkin farm that we took the kids to, but we haven’t had time for that this year. I’m sure Jack 2009 will be appearing on this blog soon. Until then these rapidly deteriorating pumpkins from the vegetable garden will have to do!

9 thoughts on “Smooshing Pumpkins”

  1. Tina,

    They might not be too pretty to look at!


    I need to figure out a good organic way to eliminate the borers. The squash I can sequentially plant but pumpkins take up a lot of space.


    Should I paint them green them for Halloween and put a witches hat on top? 😉


    Go get a pumpkin and decorate it anyway! You don't need kids around to do that!

  2. Eeeewwww, those ARE scary, Dave! Sorry about those wretched borers. But they'll make good compost and you may have some wonderful volunteers in the compost bin next year like we did!

  3. HA, isn't that a band? Oh, no, that's Smashing Pumpkins. I grew a pumpkin from seed and it got a ton of flowers but no pumpkins. And borers in general are indeed scary; emerald ash borers have destroyed all large ashes in MI and several other Midwest states! 🙁

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