Month: August 2011

Dry, Dry, Dry

The dry season is well upon us. Here in Tennessee we haven’t seen a drop of rain in two weeks and even that was only .12 inches (at least in our garden). I’m not sure how long the plants can hang on without a good dose of liquid from the sky. And despite my repeated …

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Blessed By Beans

Beans are simply the best vegetable in the garden. I know, all you people out there who hate eating your greens disagree, but really when you compare factors like the ease of growing, pests, and diseases beans really win out.  In many cases beans will just continue to grow when other plants halt in the …

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Garden Shed in the Morning (Photo)

Here’s a quick look at my garden shed in the morning while a thin layer of fog was resting over the backyard. Two crape myrtles are planted on either side of the pathway but only one has bloomed – maybe next year the crape myrtles will achieve the effect I was hoping for.