Beautyberry (Callicarpa dichtoma)

There are few fall performers more majestic than the beautyberry.  My beautyberry is Callicarpa dichtoma ‘Early Amethyst’ and is a native of Asia.  It’s a beautiful shrub with tiny white flowers in the summer that become loaded with clusters of purple berries in the fall.  When I say loaded, I mean loaded! The berries last throughout the fall and typically get eaten by the birds after many of the other berries are depleted.

I recommend choosing the native beautyberry Callicarpa americana over the Asian versions but both are spectacular garden plants that do well in full sun to part shade locations.  Unlike other plants in my garden the beautyberries are rarely grazed on by deer.  In the spring they may receive an exploratory nibble or two but beyond that seed to be very deer resistant.  Beautyberry grows well in zones 5-8.  It can handle a hard pruning in late winter which encourages branching and makes for a bushier plant with more flowers and berries.