This Week’s Garden Update May 10, 2020

I hope you have had a fantastic week in the garden and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! I hope you have a wonderful day today! For this post I wanted to simply sum up what went on the garden this week. Most of the content this week was on my YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to here: Growing The Home Garden Channel. Below are the videos I did this week, we planted tomatoes and peppers in the garden, I discussed cilantro and gave some growing tips, and I highlighted our front sidewalk garden which was in the process of being weeded and cleaned up. I hope you enjoy these garden videos! If you do then please share them with anyone they may help.

Planting Tomatoes and Peppers in the Garden

Working in the garden and planting my tomatoes and peppers! Some tips and information along the way for getting your tomatoes and peppers started in the garden.

Growing Cilantro

You can also read this post and view the video on this page about Growing Cilantro.

Tips and information about successfully growing Cilantro in the home garden.

Working and Weeding in the Front Sidewalk Garden

In this video I talk about one of my most despised weeds (Bermuda grass) and highlight many of the plants I used in the front sidewalk garden. Many of those plants have changed over the years!